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Black Soldier Fly adult


Dudus – Dried or Alive

Black Soldier Fly larvae are a natural source of protein, fats, calcium, energy, vitamins and minerals for livestock animals including but not limited to chickens (broilers and layers), fish, pigs and reptiles.

These larvae (maggots) can be fed to animals alive as a supplement to their existing feed (a tasty treat), to subsidise feed, or as a full replacement of the protein input in animal feed (applicable to animal feed millers).

Organic Fertilizer / Compost / Frass

The residue that remains after the BSF larvae have worked through the organic waste is called frass . It is a nitrogen rich, organic soil that can be used in formal agriculture, on your garden at home or just about anywhere where high quality soil is required.

5 Day Old Larvae

If you are using one of our home systems or running a larger BSFL processing facility, you can order and receive 5 day old larvae on a continuous basis (pricing depending on quantities and frequency required) to process your organic waste. Areas currently support: Nairobi, Rumuruti and Nyahururu (Kenya), Ruyenzi and Kigali (Rwanda).


Home systems / Outgrowers / Smallholders

Collect and process your own organic waste from your home (or neighbourhood) through one of our home/smallholder systems using 5 day old larvae received from The BUG Picture on an ongoing basis (see above). We will come and deliver the product with instructions for use . Small systems process 24kg of kitchen waste per month. Benefits of this option are home composting, and use of your own home grown larvae to feed to your chickens/pigs and use of the frass for your garden.

Waste management services

If you are a large organic waste producer and waste has become a huge hassle and cost, let us come and do an audit of your waste to determine its appropriateness for BSFL processing. We consider a large waste producer being a company that creates 500kg of organic waste or more per month.

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