What’s the problem?

THE GRIM FACTS: The world is functioning in an environmentally unsustainable way. Let’s call it what it is – a crisis! And if we don’t start making changes now, our future does’t look very prosperous.

Food/Feed the Future: By 2050 there will be 9.6 billion people sharing this planet and at existing production levels, we will not be able to feed everyone. The bigger questions being, how are we going to feed the animals that are going to feed those 9.6 billion people? And how will we do it?

Clean drinking water: Water is a finite resource – that’s a fact. Currently 70% of the clean water available is going towards watering the crops. One of the largest farmed crop in the world is Soybeans of which upwards of 90% is earmarked for animal feed as the critical protein component.

Greenhouse gas emissions: This is a real thing – let’s start there. And our current farming practices, crops, livestock are huge contributors. A whopping 10% of annual emissions come from the production of fertiliser alone – thats astounding! But this is a critical ingredient to all our farmers to produce more from the same size of land than ever before – which the world needs. Another 15% of GHG emissions generated annually are from landfills across the world from the irresponsible disposal of waste. That’s 25% of annual greenhouse gas emissions which are avoidable.

The need for more land… leading to deforestation: This doesn’t require too much explanation (we hope) but annually there is a reduction of 700 million acres of virgin forest, of which approximately 80% is allocated to growing crops destined to feed the animals that will ultimately end up on our plates.

The world needs an ALTERNATIVE AND SUSTAINABLY FARMED PROTEIN SOURCE to include in animal feed… so we would like to introduce the